The new collection by Ferm LIVING looks to the contrasts of life for its cues. A fusion of art and design, new season pieces embody Ferm LIVING's core DNA: aesthetic, authentic and distinctive - in form, material and use. Crafted in elegant silhouettes from high-quality materials noted for their lasting appeal, wood, metal, glass, clay and jute have been shaped into inviting designs with supreme functionality and surprising details. 

Traditional craftsmanship contrasts modern innovation from hand shaped forms to 3D printing. Voluminous contours are balanced with clean lines. The classical offsets the contemporary. Matte contrasts high-gloss. The raw is set against the refined. Soft meets hard. It is within those contrasts that their enduring appeal lies.

From the beautiful Paste Vases to the cutting-edge Shard Mirror, the pieces are easy on the eye and fit effortlessly into any setting. Whether placed in decadent surroundings or more modest spaces, the collection heroes the art of craft and the simple pleasures and myriad of moments life has to offer.

Go on, explore the new collection - we know you will love it as much as we do.