From the outside, you'd be thinking you were about to walk into a contemporary museum; with its sleek, yet elegant concrete facade JE Restaurant in Beijing, China sets the tone for what lies inside. With a brief to design a restaurant that is both artistic and practical, the architects behind the project FUNUN LAB have successfully done so. Inside lies a grand space with a spectacular oriental red staircase which itself is a sculpture. Derived from ribbon, the staircase leads the whole space and curves effortlessly around the restaurant as it connects both levels.

Veil like lighting soften the space and dissolve the harshness of the concrete and metal interior. With their organic ribbon like forms, they too bring a sense of drama to the space and continue the notion of an 'artistic' interior.

Given the size of the restaurant, the designer has created zones, each with their own atmosphere, creating a sense of interest in whichever space you dine in. Centred around the staircase, the zones feature varying textures and materials, creating a layered and cohesive space. Warm timbers, glass bricks and rich green fabrics set the scene for this cutting edge restaurant. Great food and great atmosphere - what more could you want?

Images: Ruijing Photography