Oud Boheme Sensory Sticks

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Activate the senses and invigorate the soul with the Oud Boheme Sensory Sticks by Maho Sensory. Combining natural, aromatic resin with a refined blend of premium perfumes, Maho Sensory Sticks release a delicate, timeless fragrance when burned. Exuding imperial qualities of dark wood and cinnamon, Oud Boheme honours the opulence and vitality of Dubai. Earthy, sweet and dripping with warm mixed spices, spritzes of sandalwood and amber wrap the mind in a sand-inspired mirage. Rich with luxurious materials and a vibrant way of life, fresh jasmine lightens the cedar contrast to perfectly balance this leisurely state of mind. Encased in a glass tube, you can enjoy this innovation on the classic incense anywhere you go. Pair with our selection of burners to beautifully display your sensory sticks, adding a sophisticated accent to your space.